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About me

Hi, my name is Maria. I am a self-taught, Italian illustrator based in Reading, UK.

I do not normally live in trees, but I love nature and animals - they are my favourite subjects to draw!

When I am not drawing or painting, you will likely find me reading a book, listening to music, cooking or baking.

I also love travelling around the world and visiting new places.

I have always loved drawing since I was a kid, but it had never occurred to me that I could turn this life-long passion into a job, until my dear friend Rosetta Bea asked me to do some drawings for her series of bedtime stories, "The Adventures of Bambu, the Busy Body Bear".

In 2019 we published our first book, The Surprise - it was amazing to see Bambu come to life through my illustrations and become a real book!

Besides children illustrations, I like creating surface patterns, and painting (mainly animals and landscapes) both with digital and traditional media.

I can also do simple animations with Procreate on my iPad.

I am available for commissions. If you like my illustrations please drop me a message.